Serenity Computer Consulting has dealt with a number of satisfied customers, and here are some things they have to say about their experiences.

“Whitney has been the answer to our outsourced technology support for more than 8 years. Regardless of the operating system or the hardware, Serenity Computer Consulting brings an expertise that keeps us current and moving forward. If you asked me to identify the “one thing” that I appreciate most about Serenity Computer Consulting it is the quick response and availability to our crisis situations. This commitment and can do attitude is invaluable to me as an owner of a fast paced, customer focused business.”
Demmie Hicks, President
DBH Consulting

“Whitney is not just my computer technician, better yet magician, she is also my translator……I brought her a black, rectangular piece of plastic that had been smashed by a falling lamp. This piece of plastic, formerly a laptop, had a ton of personal and business data from the last two years shuffled together like a deck of playing cards in various files and folders and drives.

I needed the info and a new laptop. Through a series of grunts and curses, I tried to explain that to Whitney. Somehow, two days later, I had a new laptop that Whitney personally helped me pick out according to my specific needs and usage and price point, fully installed with all my information and completely ready to go when I hit “power.”

I refer Serenity Computer Consulting¬†to my business associates, friends and clients without hesitation.¬†They have the ability to repair, maintain, consult and implement any computer system and understand their work is paramount to the success of their clients. Their urgency and continuing support show that in spades.”
Drew Driver, Human Resources Consultant

“When a nonprofit collegiate organization was having difficulty operating their computer security system, I asked Serenity Computer Consulting to see if they could help. Not only did they help, they completely fixed the issue within 24 hours of the request. What a relief to have a reliable company to go to when technology doesn’t work like you think it should!”
Paulette Mueller

“I called Serenity Computer Consulting to deal with an internet issue that had recurred one time too many. It had to do with the configuration of my email. I was out of town, but I was able to reach them and they took care of it remotely within a few hours. The technician looked at the entire set-up and then came with an alternate solution that worked better, removed the source of my issues from the configuration and eliminated a delay that I had accepted as a fact of life.
I was extremely pleased with the result and would recommend this company wholeheartedly!

Robert Ross, AIA
Ross Design, Inc

Whitney is the best. She knows so much about computers and gadgets and I don’t! Seriously, I’ve used 3 other companies, some large and some really small, but Serenity Computer Consulting was much, much better. They get right on task and get the job done! I prefer paying a little more and getting my issues fixed on time, and correctly, the first time around.
John Barbee

I was referred to SCC by my sister who spoke very highly of Serenity Computer Consulting and the quality of work that they provide. I met with Whitney and was immediately impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of technology. My laptop needed quite a bit of work and was repaired and updated beautifully. The work was done quickly and my computer is still “running like a top”.
Pam Sims

Serenity Computer Consulting, Computer Consultant, Dallas, TX

Serenity Computer Consulting